🍑 Went ahead and built a Tesla vanity plate factory. Get your Cybertruck Butt here.

Big Fucking Field here. Yes, I’ve heard the news — it’s between me and Austin.

The choice seems pretty clear. And if it’s not… allow me to assist.

See Why Austin Sucks

🛣 Field Specs

Tesla, meet your new BFF.

Our BFF is not only big, it’s perfect.

👇 (touch these cards for a lil surprise hehe)


1,500+ Acres (or more, or less)


Water, natural gas, sewage, roads, wind, sun, hydro energy


Central USA


Gigafactory, Rave Cave

Distance to Mars

150.2 million miles

Distance to SEC HQ

1,053 miles

Species Present

Capable humans, ready to build some trucks

Soil Quality

Yummy and vegan-friendly

✋ Identity Check

Hold on, are you Elon Musk?

If it’s really you (eeek! 👀) we’d like to know.


For real, let’s talk about a Gigafactory. Tweet us and we’ll get the ball rolling.


We need you to help us with our mission: reach Elon. Tweet him and let him know that we’re nuts about Cybertrucks.

⭐️ Google Reviews

Don’t trust us. Trust your friends.

Tulsa’s BFF is gaining national recognition.

“Elon, this is good grass. I mean it, dude.”

— Joe Rogan

“I have tasted the dirt in Oklahoma, and it is delicious.”

— Steve Jobs

“The spirit of Harambe is heavy on this land.”

— Peter Thiel

“To build Cybertrucks, you need a good imagination and a giant field.”

— Thomas Edison

👽 Mode Preview

Plus, special modes and features come included with the BFF.

Green grass and blue skies get boring after a while.

🛍️ Buy me

Ready to buy? Pre-order your BFF today.

With only a $100 deposit, fully refundable, you can purchase your 1500-acre BFF today and develop it... whenever you want. Limited quantity available (1).

Seriously, we’re ready to close this deal, and we promise we’ll move fast, like Plaid powertrain fast.

Big F'in Field

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