After Elon Musk broke my heart, everyone told me, “there are other fish in the sea.” And by fish they obviously meant EV car makers.

It’s time for this field to dip its toe in those proverbial waters.

Read on for my 'Thank you, next' moment.


the beliEVe drive 

Y’all, I meditated. I did Revenge Body. I watched ✨ a lot ✨ of trash TV. And after this careful and healthy self-reflection I realized that my life doesn’t have to be all about Elon Musk or Tesla.

My true passion: the future of electric vehicles in America.

I’m done thinking small (nawmean 😏). That’s why I’m teaming up with EV makers across the industry to create the greatest electric vehicle event in America — driving historic Route 66 from LA to my home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Route 66 was the shit in its day, a symbol of innovation, mobility, a literal highway to pursuing your dreams (damn!), and now it’s time to bring this roadway into the future with a classic Britney Spears Crossroads-style (#freebritney) road trip in EVs, the symbol of vehicular innovation.

This is major.

Check out the beliEVe drive webby below to get involved.

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